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Our Solution

The current focus of many “clean up” projects is only on the larger, macroplastics at the top layer of the ocean. This is important, but this focus leaves the smaller pieces to continue damaging the ocean ecosystem and our global environment.


Our Cleaner Planet has developed an innovative technique to remove more plastics from our oceans at deeper layers. Using our patent-pending design and proprietary technology, we will not only remove these larger plastics, but we will also remove the microplastics to 5-micron size and above from surface level to a depth of 60 feet.


Our Technology

Our solution will include a large ship that utilizes an ocean-borne, plastic debris harvester that will first remove the macroplastics that have impacted the ocean’s birds, mammals, and fish. Next, the system will target the microplastics that are being ingested by many oceanic species, and finally, it will remove the nanoplastics down to a <5-micron size.

​Part of our mission is to leverage proven engineering as we develop innovative, sustainable methods to harvest plastic from our oceans on our way to creating a cleaner, healthier planet. With this as our guide, our development team has been adamant about proving the design through testing before officially announcing our progress. To date, we have successfully completed proof of concept testing and most recently we announced our successful test on our 1:164-scale prototype. Following this proven method of development, the next step is a 1/12-scale unit that the team expects to start testing in early 2022. 


​Our Cleaner Planet expects to launch our first full-sized harvester in early 2025.



Long Pill Accent.png


Pat Marshall learns about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch while driving to work and decides he wants his legacy to be about more than aerospace development projects.


Pat develops the large-scale propulsion system that will power Our Cleaner Planet’s solution to restore the health of our oceans.


Phase 3 testing of Our Cleaner Planet’s 1:164-scale prototype is successful.


Testing on a 1:12-scale model will take place in a large harbor to regulate sea state to simulate ships scale more closely.


Pat establishes Our Cleaner Planet as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


Pat Brings on top-level professionals from Virgin Galactic, Lockheed Martin, Bigelow, and Mitsubishi to help develop the project and build the organization into a powerhouse.


After testing and developing the system for eight years, Our Cleaner Planet’s design patent was filed.


Deploy the first research vessel into Great Pacific Garbage Patch to measure microplastic levels, and map the concentration of plastic on the Eastern side of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre.


Deploy the 1:6th ocean going test article into the Pacific Ocean to test conditions in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and test ships onboard plastic collecting and filtering systems.


Launch a full-size ship into the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre to begin harvesting and restoring the health of our oceans.

We look forward to bringing you a cleaner planet. Get involved today and sign up for our newsletter.

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