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Calm Sea

Our Approach

Removing plastics from the oceans is only one part of the solution to this problem, but it is the part that Our Cleaner Planet will develop. Using our proprietary technology, we will harvest plastics from the ocean and begin to repair the marine biosphere and restore the health of our planet.

We must work together and approach this crisis from multiple angles. Our Cleaner Planet has also developed an educational division that will create content and materials and work to promote change with consumers, manufacturers, recycling practices, and government policies.

We must start now. This is an enormous, growing problem that will require collaboration, cooperation, and support from a variety of stakeholders.

These are the things we must do together:

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We refrain from allowing plastics to ever reach the oceans – promptly and properly recycling or disposing of them


We remove the plastics that have invaded the marine biosphere. 

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Then we can begin to repair the damage that’s already been caused, restoring the health of the oceans.  


Finally, we need to reduce the generation of plastic refuse into the oceans through education and reform.    

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